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20/02/2023, 08:22 | Etienne
A cruise in Seychelles will take you on a journey of discovery. Seychelles is the ideal place for an amazing charter experience, with its pristine sands, crystal-clear seas and breathtaking beaches. You may tour the more than 115 islands that make up this stunning archipelago from the decks of your boat and view the sunsets over the Indian Ocean while taking in some of nature's most breathtaking sights.

Reasons why Seychelles Should Be on Your Bucket List in 2023

16/01/2023, 14:48 | Etienne
If you've looked at Seychelles on a map, you'd notice it as a small dot in the Indian Ocean. However, you will be surprised to learn that this island kingdom consists of 115 islands! It is one of those solitary, magical settings that one frequently sees in movies and is located off the coast of East Africa. The white sand beaches and turquoise oceans, surrounded by forest-clad mountains, make it every travellers dream and a true bucket-list destination.

Our Different Jet Ski Tours on Offer

13/12/2022, 09:47 | Etienne
With about 1,000,000kmĀ² of water on Seychelles territory, it's no surprise that there's a diverse choice of water activities to enjoy. Water-based leisure activities like jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling are popular among locals and the 350 000 visitors that frequent the archipelago each year.

The Best Time to Visit the Seychelles

12/12/2022, 09:37 | Etienne
Do you fantasize of a picture-perfect beach vacation? The Seychelles are a true island paradise, with powdery white beaches, warm blue seas, and lush green trees. With lots of sunshine all year and distinct rainy seasons, the ideal time to visit the Seychelles depends on what you want to see and do.

Everything You Can Encounter on our Adventures

15/11/2022, 10:26 | Etienne
When choosing Seychelles for your classic beach vacation, be prepared for shimmering sunshine, transparent turquoise oceans and very fine white sand beaches. Even though you can enjoy simply admiring the scenery, your picture-perfect vacation should also include thrilling archipelago adventures! You'll be eager to find out that there is so much to encounter when embarking on one of our adventures.

The Best Full Day Adventure We Offer

04/11/2022, 10:18 | Etienne
Travellers from all over the world are increasingly attracted to the Seychelles archipelago, and for good reason - the scenery is just gorgeous, with blue sea, palm trees, and beaches that alternate between white sand and pink granite rocks. More than a hundred islands make up this little paradise. Therefore, a Seychelles boat excursion is the best way to explore the archipelago from both ends!

Best Romantic Cruises in Seychelles

11/10/2022, 15:36 | Etienne
Nothing is more romantic than a private island holiday where you may enjoy magnificent azure waters while walking hand in hand on pure white sands and waking up to tropical sunrises. The beaches in the Seychelles are the best places to enjoy this.

The Giant Tortoises of the Seychelles

11/10/2022, 15:33 | Etienne
It is commonly known that the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean are home to a diverse range of marine animals. From gigantic sea fans and whip corals to Eagle Rays and Moray Eels. All of these species coexist in the Seychelles' tropical waters, forming an intricate undersea environment.

Snorkeling in Seychelles- What You Can Expect

07/10/2022, 15:27 | Etienne
Seychelles is a sanctuary for adventure seekers, with diverse marine life. This archipelago, located off Africa's east coast, is a treasure trove of magnificent coral reefs. This area's tranquil water is home to a wide variety of marine vegetation and wildlife,

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13/09/2022, 10:47 | Etienne
The Seychelles, a group of 115 islands, is one of the most attractive locations in the Indian Ocean thanks to its soft, sandy beaches, granite rocks and clusters of palm trees, which make it a great place to go on a tropical beach vacation.

Can't Make the Tour or the Weather Turns. What Now?

12/09/2022, 11:35 | Etienne
You might need to cancel one of your booked tours for a variety of reasons, such as unforeseen schedule conflicts or even just a change of heart. The good news is that you won't necessarily lose all of your money if you do end up having to cancel the tour, following the correct procedure.

What to Pack when going on a Boat Cruise

09/09/2022, 11:27 | Etienne
Your long-awaited dream vacation to the exotic Seychelles has finally arrived and now that you have scheduled a boat cruise, it's time to start gathering your belongings. While packing for a cruise is similar to preparing for any other trip, it's important to be aware of the boat's dress code and be prepared for any particular activities you have planned.