We provide the only guided Jet Ski Tours around Praslin. Our guides are on their own jet ski, while you drive another. Our tour consists of a group of maximum 2 jet skis with maximum 4 guests in order to enable you to stay within a reasonable distance to the guide. 

We allow one (Solo ski) or two (Tandem ski) people on one jet ski, provided the combined weight of the riders is under 350 pounds.   

Yes.. As long as the riders are both 18, you can take turns driving … switching at a designated point with the help of our tour guides. 

No. Jet skis are very simple to operate and comfortable to drive. Our guides give a short safety briefing before we depart and are always close by while out on the water. The first few minutes are within a no wake zone where you will get the feel of the jet ski before you start to accelerate out in the open water. More than half of our customers are first-time jet ski riders. So as long as you’re comfortable in and around the water, you’ll have a blast! 

Rain is not the only weather that can prevent us from being able to take a tour out. Weather and water conditions can be dangerous even if it appears to be a beautiful day out. If we cancel your tour, you will be given a choice to reschedule or receive a full refund. However, if you are concerned about the conditions, give us a call and ask. 

Yes, at your own risk as this is a water based activity. Cell phones MUST NOT be used while driving as it can affect how you drive adversely. 

If you should fall off, the emergency cut off switch will disable the Jet Ski and your life vest will keep you afloat while you re-board from the rear of the jet ski. 

Weather and water conditions will determine the speed which you can safely ride. Our tour guides will advise you as you go. 

The minimum age to operate a jet ski is 18 years old. You must be 12 or older to ride along with your parent or legal guardian. 

You will certainly be getting wet so you will be most comfortable in your swimsuit.  

Yes. It is a requirement that all individuals participating in a tour sign a waiver. A waiver will be emailed to each participant for electronic signature prior to your tour. 

Yes, both operators and passengers will need to wear a life vest to be allowed on a jet ski. 

Of course the answer is, anytime! Each time slot can offer a unique experience. 

Yes. You can leave your belongings in our office. 

Yes. There is a restroom where you can change. 

We are located in Cote D’or, Anse Volbert. 

Booking in advance is preferred to avoid disappointment. Same day reservations are available and can be made online up to two hours before departure. Please book early to maximise your chances of getting the day and time you prefer. We offer FREE cancellelation. 

The standard price is for one person on the jet ski. If you have a second rider on your jet ski, there will be an additional charge that is significantly lower than the standard price. 

We do our best to take as many pictures as possible of you while on tour. We will then be sharing the pictures with you privately afterwards. 
Many of our guests have asked for guidance on gratuities. Tipping is always optional. Our experience is that most guests tip about $20 per ski. If you would like to tip, you can do so in cash or by requesting your tip be added to your credit card on file. One hundred percent of the gratuity goes to your guides, regardless of the method of payment you use. 


Come and explore the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean around Praslin Island, Seychelles as never before with a Jet Ski Tour with Kreol Services! Whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, this water activity is ideal for both. The Jet Ski Guided Tour is a unique and thrilling yet safe way to experience the natural beauty of Seychelles!