Bookings are easy to navigate on the webiste. You can visit our home page and a few of our wellknow excursions / charters aree listed mid way through the home page. Or you can visit our Other Tours Page in the Bar Menu and book any tour from there. Should you have any questions before booking, you can add me on WhatsApp @ +2482618568.  I will be very happy to assist.

If none of your questions are answered within the FAQ then you can add me on WhatsApp @ +2482618568 and I will assist with any questions you may have or you can email us on   

A fresh local BBQ is prepared on Curieuse Island by locals and consists of fresh fish of. the day, chicken, various locally made salads, lentils , rice and condiments. We serve water and soft drinks at the table. 

Absolutely yes, please ask our crew onboard where to best areas is for snorkeling. 

We are a very serious and yet very lenient company who understand the needs of our clients. We do not ask for any prepayment to secure any booking with us which in return makes it easy for our clients should you wish to cancel.

Yes, at your own risk as this is a water based activity. Cell phones should be used in a way that it does not affect other guests experiences. If you have a phone that rings a lot due to business we would prefer and suggest that you place the phone on silent mode please. 

Rain is not the only factor that could possibly cancel a tour, we focus a lot on guests safety and if the guests safety is breached we will cancel the tour indefinitely. Such conditions could be due to very hard rain, low visibility, slippery hiking trials and rough seas.

With our very comfortable and stable boat it is a 15 to 20 min boat ride to Curieuse Island. Then the majority of time is spent on the island before we embark back onto to vessel towards St Pierre Island for Snorkeling. Again this is about 10 to 15 min to St Pierre and we snorkel there for about 45min. 

Our Kreol Tour boat is extremely well equipped with hanging ladder + extension enabling easy boarding back onto the boat. In fact, all our boats is well equipped to board the vessel from dock side and or beach. 

Our reviews and reputations speaks for itself at Google Reviews. We place all our guests on WhatsApp and communication for us is key. Please note that we create experiences and long lasting memories and our crew is very passionate in what we do. 

Yes. It is a requirement that all individuals participating in a tour sign a waiver. A waiver is signed and is available in our terms and conditions in form of an Indemnity Form / Waiver. all this information is also available on your paid invoice on the day of activity. 

Yes. All our boats are equipped with life vests and life rings. You can ask our crew for a life vest whilst onboard as it is not required by law in Seychelles to wear them all the time while onboard the vessel. As long as they are easy assessable and readily available in good numbers.  

You can simply email us on or WhatsApp +2482618568

The Island Tax is the fee the government charges per visitor to visit a certain Island. Like for example: Curieuse & St Pierre Island is SCR300 per adult. Children of 12 and younger is Free of Charge.  

Other islands such as Cousin, Aride & Grand Souer all charge different amounts to visit the island unless if you do not go higher that the high-water mark. 

This option is only without food, the rest of the tour is all included. 
Our departure / operational location is right in-front of Cafe Des Arts Restaurant. 

Cafe Des Arts restaurant is nestled right between 2 very famous hotels on Praslin namely Paradise Sun & Le Duc Hotel. 

Booking in advance is preferred to avoid disappointment. Same day reservations are available and can be made online up to two hours before departure. Please book early to maximise your chances of securing your spots. We offer FREE cancellelation. 

The excursion / charter amount is settled own the day of activity just before departure in either Euro, USD or SCR cash or Credit Card. Please read terms and conditions. 

The walk on Curieuse Island is not mandatory, you have a choice to visit the Tortoise Park with our Guide and then before the Hike / walks to the other side of the island. If you decide to not do the walk then you can hop back onto the boat. The walk is medium-to-low intensity and the information provided by our guides are extremely vakuebale. 
Many of our guests have asked for guidance on gratuities. Tipping is always optional. Our experience is that most guests tip about as per their experience which is anything fro SCR200 to SCR500. We have a Tip Box onboard which is labelled and if you have enjoyed your trip, leave a tip :-) . All tips is shared between the staff on-board. 

Curieuse & St Pierre Island Excursion and Private Charter Seychelles

Come and explore the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean around Praslin Island, come and enjoy all the neighbouring islands Praslin has to offer with Kreol Services!