Kreol Services & Adventures Seychelles

Are you looking for a way to Island Hop across the warm, blue waters of Seychelles then Kreol Adventures is for you; step aboard for a relaxing stress free return trip to Curieuse. Come climb aboard our K | Kreol Tour Boat and start the journey…

Once you arrive at the sandy beaches of Curieuse our knowledgeable guide will show you the wonders of the island as you explore from one side along the mangroves to the other, encountering Seychelles famous Giant Land Tortoises as they wander around their sanctuary island. Early afternoon you will cruise along to St Pierre for a short scenic snorkel before the end of the trip back to Praslin.

Kreol Adventures also offers private charters which allows guests to have a unique and personal, tailor-made experience when visiting Praslin Island and exploring its surrounds from the magnificent sea. With a range of options the hardest decision will be which of our well maintained fleet would you like to start your explorations on.

Kreol Adventures will provide you with the facilities needed to experience an invigorating one of a kind sightseeing adventure, with an experienced guide and crew to maximize your enjoyment in a safe manner, with whichever option suits your needs and budget.

Get in touch with our agents at Kreol Adventures to start your next memorable adventure and enjoy what the amazing sparkling blue waters of Seychelles and its surrounds can offer.

Kreol Adventures is owned and run by Kreol Services which is 100 % Seychellois owned with years of experience in the tourism industry in many different avenues.

Kreol Sevices first opened in 2017 and have been an integral part of providing car hire to guests across Praslin and Mahe. An opportunity came to explore the option of providing marine options and Kreol Adventures was formed, using the same strengths , determination and understanding of guests needs.

Kreol Adventures has been running for a year and have successfully been increasing the fleet to the current range after having such a success with guests enjoying the options and service we provide.

The Kreol Adventures team is a unique experienced team with abilities that ensure guests enjoyment, safety and sharing their knowledge and love of Seychelles.

People from all over the world visit Praslin Island, not just to appreciate it’s natural beauty, but to seek adventure and an experience to remember.

Kreol Adventures combines both of these in a unique, exhilarating and unforgettable way and for many visitors it might be the highlight of their Seychelles holiday.

Our crew look forward to starting the making of a memory with you…

"sea is where life is"