Are you ready to turn your Seychelles vacation into an unforgettable adventure? Look no further than Kreol Adventures. Our luxurious Half-Day Private Charters, feature the 24ft Sensation Deck and the sleek Silver Craft 19ft Speed Boat.

The Silver Craft 19ft speed boat is adorned with exquisite interior décor and finishes

This vessel boasts stunning lines, making it the ideal choice for captivating around-the-island tours, island hopping, and private charters to the most secluded and enchanting locations around the islands of Praslin. The Sensation 24ft Deck stands out for its remarkable deck layout. It’s sleek, comfortable and spacious. It goes above and beyond to ensure that all essential comforts are not only met but exceeded.

 Get ready to embark on a journey that blends opulence, excitement, and the breathtaking beauty of the Seychelles archipelago.

The Sensation Deck Experience: Unleash Luxury on the Waters

Cruise in Style

Picture this: a private 24ft Sensation Deck Luxury Boat waiting for you and your exclusive group of 2 to 6 guests. This is not your ordinary boat tour; it's a personalised voyage into the heart of Seychelles' aquatic wonders.

The Power of Three

Kreol Adventures breaks away from the traditional boat booking model by allowing you to charter their boat for a minimum of 3 hours. But what can you really experience in 3 hours? The answer is - a lot!

Snorkeling Extravaganza

Choose two out of four incredible snorkelling spots such as St Pierre Island with mesmerising fish feeding, Anse Petit Cour, Anse Lazio, or the enchanting Curieuse Island. Dive into the crystal-clear waters and witness the vibrant marine life beneath.

Scenic Stops

After your underwater escapades, the adventure continues with visits to Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette. As you cruise back to Anse Volbert / Cote D'or, relish the breathtaking views passing by Curieuse Island.

BBQ Bonus

Feeling a bit hungry after all the excitement? Opt for the full-day charter and indulge in a delightful BBQ option. Savour mouthwatering treats while surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of Seychelles. Note: Available only for full-day charters.

The Silver Craft Speedboat: A Symphony of Elegance and Speed

Intimate Experience

For a more exclusive adventure, the Silver Craft 19ft Speed Boat awaits, catering to a maximum of 2 to 4 guests. Your private escapade is about to get even more intimate and thrilling.

The Triumphant Trio

Similar to the Sensation Deck experience, the Silver Craft can be booked for a minimum of 3 hours, allowing you to explore the wonders of Seychelles from the perspective of a luxurious speedboat.

Snorkeling Extravaganza Redux

Choose two out of the same four incredible snorkelling spots, immersing yourself in the underwater wonders Seychelles has to offer.

Scenic Stops Encore

Visit Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette and cruise back to Anse Volbert / Cote D'or, relishing every moment of the journey.

Praslin Perfection

Both the Sensation Deck and Silver Craft experiences are recommended for departure from Praslin Island, ensuring a seamless and extraordinary adventure.


Are you ready to redefine your Seychelles experience? Kreol Adventures' Half-Day Private Charters promises an indulgent blend of luxury, exploration, and natural beauty.

Book your voyage now and let the magic of the Seychelles archipelago sail with you.