Seychelles is an archipelago of around 115 islands that appears as a tiny dot in the Indian Ocean but is huge in terms of beautiful beaches and resorts. Therefore, you cannot limit your journey to just one or two islands if you want to experience true Seychellois life. Which islands to visit though, is a perplexing subject that challenges anyone organising a trip to the Seychelles. It is impossible to see all 115 of these islands in a single journey but it is recommended you choose to visit five or six islands to give your journey to the Seychelles a balanced and comprehensive feel.

The Seychelles' Most Popular Islands

The Seychelles' main island, Mahé, is also the location of Morne Seychelles National Park and the country's capital, Victoria. Take some time to explore the hidden beaches, the Botanical Gardens, and Victoria's cathedrals as well as the Creole culture and cuisine of Mahé. Get lost in Victoria's side streets, which are dotted with hidden-gem restaurants and markets.

A 15-minute flight from Mahé will take you to Praslin, which is home to some of the most famous five-star resorts in the nation. The rare coco de mer trees of Praslin's Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are also found here. Keep an eye out for the rare black parrot and the adorable baby tenrecs. Visit Anse Lazio; it's perhaps the nicest beach on earth, with crystal-clear waves, powdery white sand, and swaying palm trees.

You truly slow down to island time in La Digue. The best and most tranquil way to explore La Digue's beaches and wound through its woodlands is by bicycle, which is how both inhabitants and visitors alike get around the island. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it on the beach at Anse la Source d'Argent, where huge, slick granite boulders frame this idyllic setting.

The Seychelles' Private Islands

Even though Denis Island is close to Mahé, it offers a complete escape from the modern world. In one of the 25 exquisite cottages, honeymooners and couples may completely unwind before indulging in culinary delights made with the catch of the day and products from the island's farm.

One of the most stunning sites on earth has to be North Island. There are just 11 exquisite villas on the island, each built from natural materials and with a plunge pool, representing the pinnacle of environmentally responsible barefoot luxury. The reintroduction and preservation of rare plants and animals has earned North Island the moniker "Noah's Ark Island."

230 kilometers from Mahé, Desroches offers the real Creole getaway. 14 miles of breathtaking white sand beaches line this island paradise, which is surrounded by coconut farms and lush woods. Because of the diversity of the local waterways, you may go deep sea fishing and enjoy some of the best diving in the world there.

The Silhouette climbs steeply from the sea to the mountain peaks clothed in rainforest in the middle. Check into your private villa at the exquisitely designed Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa, where you may savour wonderful meals and unwind in the spa, or consider exploring the island on foot to locate your very own private beach for the day.

For those looking for a full day of excitement and island hopping, Kreol Adventures' full day Curieuse & St Pierre Island, Hop On-Hop Off Taxi Boat Experience is the best option. For a unique method to get from Praslin to Curieuse & St Pierre Island, take the Kreol Taxi Boat at Cote D'or. With the assistance of our knowledgeable crew, you may take pleasure in the stunning journey across the crystal-clear, azure waters to Curieuse Island's sandy coasts during your full-day adventure. The boat is immaculately maintained, has a single deck with covered seating but open views, and is designed so that passengers may take in the beauty as they travel.


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