Your long-awaited dream vacation to the exotic Seychelles has finally arrived and now that you have scheduled a boat cruise, it's time to start gathering your belongings. While packing for a cruise is similar to preparing for any other trip, it's important to be aware of the boat's dress code and be prepared for any particular activities you have planned.

The best thing about our boat cruises is that they are tailored to the interests and destinations of you and your fellow boating companions. It is easily possibly to spend the day travelling to several islands and taking advantage of their attractions or, if your plan is to spend the whole day just cruising and admiring the scenery, that is also entirely possible. Boat cruises are a fantastic opportunity to explore the water at a relaxed speed and several locations, like Curieuse Island & St Pierre Island, are only reachable by boat. Here are a few of our tips on what to pack when coming along on one of our boat cruises.

A Dry Bag

On a boat, it's inevitable that some items may become wet. A dry bag will help you keep the most important items dry, such as your cell phone, clothes and any documentation you may need. Dry bags are designed to be water resistant and many of them will float if they fall into the water.

An Extra Pair of Clothes

Despite the fact that you can get away with wearing the same clothes all day, especially if you wear your costume underneath, some of our day cruises include a beach stop, which means that you'll probably get your first outfit sandy or wet. It is also important to bring along your costume and a beach towel.

Water Shoes

Water shoes might not be the first footwear that comes to mind while packing for a cruise. Water shoes, though, can be a useful boat cruise necessity, especially when exploring various islands.

A Camera

It would be a pity to pass by a stunning shoreline while on a boat and not stop to take some photos of it. Having said that, you shouldn't bring your pricey camera and lens kit with you. Instead, bring a lightweight, small compact camera.

Water and Snacks

On a boat, it's easier to become dehydrated due to the sun exposure and time spent in the saltwater. Although every passenger on our cruises receives a bottle of water, carrying a refillable bottle around with you wherever you go serves as a nice reminder to sip water frequently.

On the other hand, a day spent on the water is thrilling, but it can also leave you hungry. Despite the fact that some of our cruises provide lunch options, bringing along a protein bar or a bag of trail mix can significantly reduce hunger between meals.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is necessary if you don't want a minor injury to spoil the fun of your boat trip. Waterproof bandages, antiseptic wipes and medications for motion sickness, headaches and other ailments should all be included in your kit.

Sun Protection

Other safety precautions may be obvious, but don't forget sunscreen, lip-ice, a sunhat and sunglasses. Since it can get quite hot and you might be exposed to more UV radiation that usual, you should consider shielding your skin and head from the dangerous rays.

Life Jackets

A properly fitting life jacket is required for every passenger on your trip. On our boat cruises, we'll provide you these, but it's your job to make sure they're fitted correctly.

Snorkelling Equipment

If you intend to do snorkeling and own the necessary gear, it is advised that you bring it along with you. However, if you are a beginner and don't have equipment of your own, it will be provided to you.

Thanks to Kreol Services, many people have an exciting and wonderful opportunity to enjoy a fantastic vacation and always find something to do in the Seychelles. For those seeking adventure, we offer a variety of cruises. Contact us right now for additional details on our boat cruises.