Travellers from all over the world are increasingly attracted to the Seychelles archipelago, and for good reason - the scenery is just gorgeous, with blue sea, palm trees, and beaches that alternate between white sand and pink granite rocks. More than a hundred islands make up this little paradise. Therefore, a Seychelles boat excursion is the best way to explore the archipelago from both ends!

Join our Kreol Tour Boat for a 15-minute trip to Curieuse Island, which then gets off at Baie Laraie Beach to explore the hundreds of enormous land tortoises that are waiting for your arrival. You are able to encounter these enormous land tortoises in their natural environment as they are allowed to explore the island. Our knowledgeable guides take special care to provide useful knowledge to all our guests about these kind animals.

Before assembling once more for a lovely guided trek or walk through the longest boardwalk in Seychelles for about 45 minutes, we also provide some leisure time with the tortoises and where you can take in the natural splendour of the island as our knowledgeable guides point out the wildlife and plants of the mangroves and the vast range of ecosystems.

Upon reaching the other side of the island, known as Leprocy Doctors House, a lunch pack will be ready, where you can enjoy it wherever on the beach. All of the materials we use are biodegradable, however they must still be disposed of properly in the containers provided on the island or given back to our crew.

We offer soft drinks, water, and local alcoholic beverages for purchase at the lunch table and plenty of beach time after lunch is given, and our guides and crew will set a time for you to meet them so you may board the boat again for our snorkeling excursion and stop at St. Pierre Island.

Our last stop is a delightful short sail to St Pierre Island, where our crew will point out attractions and you'll be greeted by the lovely St Pierre Island. Here, we snorkel for at least an hour with countless fish and other marine life. Our snorkeling equipment is suitable for a wide variety of ages and is offered free of charge to our clients. This includes various sizes of snorkels, masks, and fins. Our equipment is comfortable, safe, and dependable, allowing you to explore the abundant sea life at your leisure.

After that, we head back to Cafe Des Arts at Cote D'or Beach to finish the day. Our Curieuse & St Pierre Island Excursion + snorkeling + lunch provide an exhilarating and amazing opportunity for many people to have an outstanding experience during their Seychelles vacation. There is always an activity awaiting visitors to the Seychelles. The goal of Kreol Adventures is to provide tourists a variety of water sports around the Praslin Island coast. For those seeking a thrill, we offer a variety of excursions. Contact Kreol Adventures today for more details on how our Seychelles Taxi Boats may enhance your vacation!