If you are looking for a family-friendly experience in Seychelles, Kreol Adventures' Taxi Boat services are a great way to see some unforgettable sights.

Exploring the islands of Seychelles provides you with a unique sense of adventure. Hopping between islands presents you with a variety of things to see, people to meet and ultimately, chartering places that many people will never get to see firsthand. There is no better way to experience this than by embarking upon one of our Taxi boat trips in Seychelles.

Our taxi boat tours to Curieuse Island provide you with the the magic of exploring a new island. Departing at the Cote D’or office in Praslin twice a day, our range of Taxi boats can get you to and from Curieuse Island, with comfort and safety being our primary concerns. There are many attractions to behold while embarking upon one of our flagship voyages; with snorkeling and a lovely BBQ lunch to be experienced between departure and arrival.

Our rates of excursion are priced to suit any type of vacationer. Our adult rates are € 40.00, with a lunch rate of € 20.00, with the kiddie’s rates being € 20.00 and € 10.00 respectively. We believe that our taxi boat service in Seychelles promotes social interaction between fellow travellers, with the possibility of forging new friendships while away on holiday. Our boats are serviced with utmost care, with close consideration paid towards the appearance and performance of our taxi boats.

Our crew comprises of highly competent and friendly deckhands, willing to go the extra mile to ensure your enjoyment on this trip. They provide knowledgeable insight throughout the trip, by pointing out places of interest and enthusiastically answering any questions you might have. Our daily trips provide vacationers with a comfortable, single deck cruise, with open views to provide vacationers with scenic sights to see.

The trip comprises of a trip to and from the amazingly gorgeous Curieuse Island. The majestic and larger-than-life Aldabra Tortoise freely roam the island in large numbers. The rare Seychelles Black Parrot and the Island’s iconic Coco de mer palm trees are all here in their natural setting. The black parrot can only be found on Curieuse and on Praslin, where catching a glimpse of one can be considered good luck.

The island of Curieuse was once known as Lle Rogue, paying homage to its red coloured soil. On the Southern part of the island is a breathtakingly gorgeous mangrove swamp, where visitors can traverse via a walkway. Our taxi boats allow visitors of Seychelles the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of this Archipelago, with Curieuse Island leading the charge. Our taxi boat service is the first of its kind, with many travellers having nothing short of a memorable experience.

Another popular destination for our taxi boat is St Pierre Island. This island is picturesque and uninhabited, making for the ultimate island adventure. St Pierre boasts one of the greatest snorkelling locations to found throughout the entire archipelago; making it an undoubtedly “must-see” on your vacation bucket list.

If you are visiting the Seychelles, there is always an adventure waiting for you. Kreol Adventures aims to provide travellers a host of water activities along the Coast of Praslin Island. Laidback boat cruises, energetic Jet-Ski tours and our taxi boat services all offer a great time to those looking for a thrill.

For further information as to how out Taxi boats in Seychelles can elevate your holiday getaway, contact Kreol Adventures today!


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