Delight in a tropical island getaway that will inspire dreams and create lifelong memories. Seychelles is a destination for all seasons, with the perfect climate all year around. Thanks to its tropical climate, temperatures range between 24°C and 32°C from season to season, meaning that your dream getaway is not limited to a specific time of year. The charm and unparalleled beauty of this holiday destination exists 365 days a year.

Comprising of 115 islands that are each uniquely inviting, Seychelles will capture your imagination and indulge your senses. The warm gentle breeze and sunshine will follow you as you explore lush tropical forests, relax at the beach, or scuba dive in crystal clear ocean waters. For private charters, boat trips, and customized tours while discovering the islands of Seychelles, we are here for you! Kreol Services offers safe boat trips that unveil the endless and diverse beauty of this magnificent destination, and our expert tour guides will share local insight and ensure an unforgettable experience.

Seychelles is really the perfect destination for a holiday during any season, positioned close enough to the equator to always be pleasantly warm and tropical. With no seasonal restrictions to consider when you plan your days, you can embark on the outdoor activities that lure adventure seekers to Seychelles whenever you wish! There is so much to do, from hiking and jet skiing with friends to snorkeling and sighting vibrant coral reefs, rare marine species, and multi-colored fish. Our range of excursions has something for everyone, showing off the best that Seychelles has to offer.

Our Curieuse & St. Pierre Island Excursion is easily a favorite amongst nature enthusiasts, where guests are welcomed onto Baie Laraie Beach by hundreds of Aldabra, a friendly species of giant land tortoises that are endemic to Seychelles. These tortoises love rain or sun, so nothing will deter them from enjoying their time roaming out and about on the island. Whether you’re journeying to Seychelles for relaxation or adventure, you can visit any time of the year to enjoy its many attractions and its natural splendor.

Kreol Services offers easy bookings for incredible tours and discoveries of Seychelles, for an enchanting island getaway that will capture your heart. The Land and Sea Tours available through our website are designed to delight visitors all year round, and will become a highlight of your time in Seychelles! Our English, French, and German-speaking guides are well-versed and excited to make your group tours in Seychelles memorable from beginning to end. 


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