If you want to experience the ultimate in luxury, book a private boat charter. Instead of renting a boat for the entire day, Seychelles offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to charter a boat by the hour. With a three-hour minimum booking, you may personalize your experience to your preferences and time limits. This adaptability helps you to make the most of your valuable vacation time.

What to expect 

Many travelers often wonder, "What can we possibly do, see, and experience in just three hours?" Well, the truth is, quite a bit! Our boat is strategically stationed in the charming Cote D'or/Anse Volbert area, serving as an ideal place for your adventure. Even within that timeframe of two hours, a world of extraordinary activities awaits.

While snorkeling around the alluring St Pierre Island, jump into the clear seas and explore the vibrant marine ecology. Don't forget to watch fish feed; it's an incredible underwater experience that will leave you speechless.

Visit the calm retreat of Anse Georgette if you're looking for peace and natural beauty. This charming beach is surrounded by beautiful plants and provides a perfect environment for a relaxing stroll and some quiet time to unwind.

Why settle for the norm when a private boat charter may provide you with an amazing Seychelles experience? The choice is yours, whether you have a few hours to spare or want to go on a full-day trip. As you explore the stunning beauty of Seychelles from the comfort of your private charter yacht, you will create memorable memories and luxuriate in luxury.