With about 1,000,000kmĀ² of water on Seychelles territory, it's no surprise that there's a diverse choice of water activities to enjoy. Water-based leisure activities like jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling are popular among locals and the 350 000 visitors that frequent the archipelago each year.

Whether you are staying at one of the various Praslin Island lodging options or seeking to get away from Mahe for a day or two, we have a variety of activities that are sure to get your heart racing and allow you to become acquainted with the surroundings of Praslin.

Our Jet Ski riding experiences on Praslin Island allow you to see the beauty of the island from the pure crystal seas that surround it. Throughout your Kreol Adventures trip, there are a variety of activities to keep your blood flowing. If you want a quick, relaxed experience that puts you in complete charge of the Jet Ski, our 30-minute option is the way to go. This is excellent for a couple and a child, or if you'd rather cross Jet Skiing off your bucket list while still enjoying the waves that lap Praslin's shore.

If you want to spend more time on the water, our 45-minute and 60-minute Jet Ski trips are perfect for you. These cruises provide a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the waters of Seychelles while seeing several notable landmarks and having a great time doing so. These trips can accommodate up to four people, with a limit of two people per Jet Ski. There is an excellent choice for any couple seeking a picturesque encounter. 

Our Jet Ski rides are transforming the way travellers enjoy this corner of paradise. Whether you are an expert wave rider or an ambitious beginner searching for a new sort of adventure, our pros can show you the ropes and assure your safety. These guided excursions offer a wealth of information as well as breathtaking views.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our Jet Ski riding adventures. We can personalize the experience to your needs while also ensuring that you have a good time.


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