Kreol Adventures provides some of the best Jet Ski riding trips on the island of Praslin. Read on to learn more about our host of water activities and services.

“Taking to the waves in paradise” sounds like the blurb to a summer blockbuster. However, at Kreol Services, we bring this statement to life. Our high octane selection of adrenaline-fuelled Jet Ski tours allows vacationers to experience the wild side of Seychelles. Whether you are chasing the thrill of jumping the waves or looking to cruise along the shoreline, our Jet Ski services can cater to your every need.

Operating on Praslin Island, our Jet Ski riding trips allow you to experience the beauty of Praslin Island from the clear crystal waters surrounding the island. There is a host of services to get your blood pumping throughout your Kreol Adventures experience. If you are looking for a short, laidback experience that puts you in full control of the Jet Ski, our 20-minute “Sun & Fun” is the way to go. This is ideal for a couple and a young one, or if you much prefer to tick the Jet Skiing experience off the bucket list, while still getting to enjoy the waters hugging the coastline of Praslin.

If you fancy the idea of spending some more time out in the water, our 40-minute and 60-minute Jet Ski tours are right up your alley. These tours offer an incredible way to experience the waters of Seychelles while taking in many noteworthy sights and having a blast doing so. These tours can accommodate up to 4 guests, with a maximum of 2 guests per Jet Ski.

There is an awesome option for any couple looking for a scenic experience. We offer a private tour/charter for any budding couple seeking adventure in paradise. Both jet-skis can be booked for yourself and your significant other, where only you two are present. This allows you unprecedented freedom and exploration, bestowing you with the best way of experiencing the natural beauty of Praslin.

Our Jet Ski riding trips are changing how vacationers get to explore this slice of paradise. Whether you are an experienced wave rider or an aspiring rookie looking for a new kind of adventure, our professionals can show you the ropes and ensure your safety is seen to. These guided tours involve a wealth of knowledge to be gained as well as incredible sights to behold.

If you fancy a more laidback water adventure, our taxi-boat service, as well as our private cruises, offers great ways to take in the beauty of Seychelles, Praslin Island as well as the uninhabited beauty of Curieuse Island and St Pierre. Kreol Adventures strives to make your time spent on Praslin that much more adventurous, with a host of water activities to keep you and your loved ones on the edge of their seats.

If you would like to find out more about our Jet Ski riding trips, do not hesitate to contact us. We can tailor the experience to meet your needs, and ultimately, let you have a great time doing so.


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