A mid-ocean island paradise like no other, Seychelles beckons travellers and adventure seekers from around the world. As a destination for all seasons, you can embark on tailor-made cruises and trips in Seychelles with our team of local guides. Our German speaking guide for group tours allows European tourists to delight in every part of their experience, without any language barriers.

Designed to offer the best experiences in Seychelles to tourists on vacation, our family-friendly land and sea tours showcase everything from the vibrant marine life of Seychelles to its most enticing beaches and attractions. We also include snorkelling in most of our tours, so it has proven imperative that our guides can communicate well with guests for every moment to be magical. Our German speaking guide for group tours is knowledgeable and friendly, always offering memorable and inclusive adventures.

Book your German Speaking Guide for Group Tours in Seychelles

Simply let us know the language requirements of your guide when making your booking with us, to make the best of your tour or cruise with Kreol Adventures! As a leading company for group tours in Seychelles, we value establishing a cultural and meaningful connection with tourists who choose to spend their time with us. Our guides are committed to providing personalised experiences to travellers, where our passion and love for Seychelles is evident and infectious.

Your tailored tours of Seychelles are handled with great consideration and care, and our German speaking guide for group tours prioritizes your comfort and safety. Our group tours led by German Guides can be booked on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, with availability shown on our website's online booking platform. To accommodate the special requests and specific requirements of guests booking with us, we welcome any questions via WhatsApp or email.

Kreol Adventures unveils the splendour of Seychelles through amazing tours!

Join us for unique and unforgettable tours of Seychelles! Explore the warm Indian Ocean waters on a Jet Ski, motorboat or private charter, and see for yourself why this island destination is so uplifting. We offer Curieuse & St Pierre Island Excursions to fill your day with guided walks and hikes, beach bliss, as well as snorkelling, relaxation and downtime with the friendly Aldabra tortoises of Baie Laraie Beach.

Our Kreol Adventures’ German speaking guide for group tours is here to make your time with us fun, educational and enriching. We look forward to sharing our love for Seychelles with you! Book your immersive discovery of this exceptional destination, led by a German-speaking guide that will elevate your journey.


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