You will undoubtedly spend some time in the cool, clear waters while on vacation on a tropical island like the Seychelles. There are some amazing spots to relax at with a variety of stunning beaches and resorts available.

However, Kreol Adventures provides some great boat charter adventures along the islands surrounding Mahe and Praslin for you to enjoy, if you're searching for a more exhilarating experience.

Our full day Curieuse & St Pierre Island, Hop On-Hop Off Taxi Boat Experience is the perfect choice for those seeking a day full of adventure. Climb aboard the Kreol Taxi Boat at Cote D'or for a distinctive way to go from Praslin to Curieuse & St Pierre Island. This full day excursion allows you to enjoy the gorgeous voyage through the clear, blue waters to Curieuse Island's sandy coastlines, with the help of our professional crew. The boat is meticulously kept and has a single deck with covered seating but open views so that passengers may enjoy the scenery as they cruise.

Our tours are offered at prices that are suitable for all types of travellers. The entry fee to the island has an additional cost of +- €23 (depending on exchange rate) for each adult over the age of 13. This entry charge, which covers both Curieuse and St. Pierre Island, is a one-time payment to be made to the government of the Seychelles (we settle on the guests' behalf, and then they pay us). Our Full Day Curieuse & St Pierre Island Hop On-Hop Off Tour includes a knowledgeable tour guide, one bottle of water per person and a wonderful BBQ lunch that can be enjoyed while admiring the stunning views of the open water.

Our Full Day Curieuse & St Pierre Island Hop On-Hop Off Tour is unique since it includes famous stops and places along the way with some added free time. When we reach Curieuse Island, where a tortoise exploration and guided walk will be enjoyed, our guests will have the opportunity to witness the Seychelles' well-known abundance of wildlife. On Curieuse Island, there is also a lot of leisure beach time where visitors may feel free to walk down the warm, sandy beach and take in the glorious sunshine.

This tour also includes an incredible snorkeling experience at St Pierre Island that allows you to explore the underwater world with minimal equipment. Bring along your snorkeling gear to see the amazing underwater life of fish, coral, mantra rays, turtles and many other sea creatures as well as intriguing marine landscapes.

Many individuals have a thrilling and great opportunity thanks to Kreol Services who allow them to enjoy a memorable vacation and always find something to do in the Seychelles. Offering guests a choice of water sports along the coast of Praslin Island is our main objective at Kreol Adventures. We provide a range of excursions for individuals looking for excitement. For more information on how our Taxi Boats can improve your holiday, get in touch with us right away!


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