You will be amazed by what the Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands, a tiny nation that appears as a dot on the world map, has to offer for scuba or snorkeling. With its glistening seas and fine, powdery white sand, it is a heaven. Due to its year-round tropical climate, it is a great spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Because there are so many coral and granitic islands in the tropics of Seychelles, the underwater world is wonderful. In fact, there are many different diving sites and landscapes. The granite rocks are also submerged in the area surrounding the granitic islands. They can be spotted in a number of coral-covered formations. In some locations, a sand floor is combined with these rocks. Additionally, there are several traditional coral reef underwater sceneries near the coral islands. 

These two kinds of underwater worlds are home to incredible marine life. Pelagic fish of many kinds, including angelfish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, reef sharks, octopuses and more can be found in the area surrounding the granites. The waters surrounding the outlying coral islands are also teeming with sailfish, mantra rays, nurse sharks and many other species. 

All of the factors mentioned above make Seychelles a popular diving destination with visitors from all over the world. The three sizable islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, however, take up the majority of its attention. They are situated close to Victoria, the Seychelles' entryway. However, diving and snorkelling is possible in many beautiful locations around other islands as well. However, the majority of them are rather off the usual path, more challenging to get to and there are still many unexplored locations.  

Given the Seychelles' location, the magnificent islands are home to an estimated 1690km² of coral reef just below the ocean's surface. As a result, snorkelling enthusiasts find Seychelles to be a very enticing destination. One of the best lagoon and reef experiences in the Indian Ocean can be found in this colourful archipelago, which is teeming with marine life. There are many trips that feature snorkelling that can be selected when booking with Kreol Adventures. For a thrilling snorkelling adventure, choose between our Curieuse & St. Pierre Island Excursion + snorkeling + lunch pack and our Curieuse & St. Pierre Island Excursion + snorkeling + BBQ.

The seas around the Seychelles islands offer a wealth of options for expert or beginner divers to find something new and unexpected beneath the surface, regardless of the dive site they select. Therefore, think about visiting this wonderful underwater world with Kreol Adventures if you're searching for a unique experience packed with adrenaline and marine creature encounters.


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