If you find yourself on Praslin Island, our host of water activities will provide you with many different ways of enjoying your time on the Island.

Spending your holiday on a tropical island will definitely have you spending some time in the cool, crystal-clear seawater. With many incredible beaches and resorts on offer, these make for some incredible places to kick back and unwind. However, for those that are looking for more of a thrilling experience, Kreol Adventures offers some incredible water activities for you to enjoy in Seychelles.

Whether you are staying at one of many accommodation solutions on Praslin Island or looking to break away from Mahe for a day or two, we offer an assortment of activities that are bound to get your heart racing and allow you to familiarise yourself with the scenery of Praslin.

Kreol Adventures hosts a dynamic, thrilling and liberating service to all vacationers and adrenaline chasers. Our flagship service will be our jet-ski tours and jet-ski excursions. We provide our customers with a once-in-a-lifetime jet-ski rental in paradise, where they witness the beauty of Praslin Island from the luxury of a high-powered jet-ski. With 60 minute and 40 minute tours as well as a 20 minute rental and cruise, there is something for every adventurer here – young or seasoned.

If you prefer kicking back and enjoying the sun without getting too soaked, our boat tours and excursions are the perfect option for you. If you fancy the idea of heading out on a private cruise with your nearest and dearest, our Private Speed Boat tours allow you to book according to your hours of choice. With a minimum of two hours and a guarantee of snorkelling at two incredible locations – you will not be disappointed. The potential places to visit would be St Pierre Island, Anse Petit Cour, Anse Lazio and Curieuse Island.

If the thought of spending time with likeminded vacationers appeals to you, our taxi Boat excursion is an incredible way to see and experience Curieuse island and enjoy a cruise while doing so. Departing from the Cote D’or office twice a day, you are provided with a bottle of water and the option of a BBQ lunch on Curieuse Island. The taxi boat is nowhere near as fast as our speed boat, but it offers an intimate and laidback experience for all who embark on this trip.

Our sunset cruise and 30 minute “Sun and Fun” cruise offer great ways to kick-start and end your day in paradise. The sunset cruise offers space up to 4 guests, where you can drink, laugh and unwind while being surrounded by the view of surrounding islands. Our fun and sun cruise allows for a short but enjoyable boating experience, with the added benefit of extending the trip to an hour’s length.

With all of these great water activities at your convenience, it is up to you to figure out which one ultimately compliments your holiday experience.

If you would like to find out more about our catalogue of services and their respective pricing options, head on over to our water adventures page.


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