You experience an extraordinary sense of adventure while exploring the Seychelles Islands. Jumping between islands offers you a range of sights to take in, people to meet and ultimately, the opportunity to visit locations that many people would never get to visit for themselves.

Taking one of our Kreol Adventures Taxi Boat cruises is one of the best ways to experience this to the fullest.

The entry fee to the island has an additional cost of +- €23 (depending on exchange rate) for each adult over the age of 13. This entry charge, which covers both Curieuse and St. Pierre Island, is a one-time payment to be made to the government of the Seychelles (we settle on the guests' behalf, and then they pay us).

Depending on what you're looking for, any of our two Curieuse & St Pierre Island Excursion packages is an excellent choice. Package one is our all-inclusive package with transfers, island taxes, an experienced guide, BBQ lunch and bottle of water per person. There are no hidden costs and everything mentioned above is included in the price.

Package two of our Curieuse & St. Pierre Island Excursion is similar to package one, with the only difference being that guests do not receive a BBQ lunch. Package two also includes no hidden costs and everything mentioned in package one, excluding the BBQ lunch is included in package two's price.

Both package options are fantastic and our Kreol Taxi Boat provides a special means of transportation from Praslin to Curieuse & St Pierre Island. With our experienced staff on board to help, you can relax and take in the beautiful voyage across the clear, blue waters. The boat is kept in the best possible condition and has a single deck with covered seating but open views so that guests can enjoy the open waters.

Our taxi boat excursion is a fantastic way to visit and see Curieuse & St Pierre Island and enjoy a cruise while doing so, especially if the idea of spending time with like-minded vacationers appeals to you. Our trips, which leave twice daily from Cote D'or, give travellers a friendly, relaxed experience.

For many individuals, using Kreol Service is a thrilling and wonderful way to spend an unforgettable vacation in the Seychelles. For visitors to the Seychelles, there is always something to do. We have a number of trips available for people looking for excitement. To learn more about how our Seychelles Taxi Boats can make your trip better, get in touch with Kreol Adventures today!